2 Bottle X-SLIM: Prescription Grade THERMOGENIC Formula Combo

$ 89.95


Exit Your Fat Jeans for Good with X-Slim. Feel a burst of explosive energy while shredding the fat away. X-Slim is the secret “X-Factor” in helping top athletes, fitness buffs, bodybuilders and plain folks get in shape and stay in shape. The secret is in its POWERFUL thermogenic formula. Alpha Pro Lab’s X-Slim Weight Loss Supplement guarantees to:

• X-Out unsightly Belly Fat

• X-Out Fat Cells and regulate blood pressure and cholesterol

• X- Out unhealthy body fat and replace it with long, lean muscle. X-Slim is the effective weight-loss formula that others try to imitate. In fact, it’s best to buy X-Slim only from reputable dealers because that is the only time you can be sure that you are receiving the high-quality premium formula we’ve worked so hard to create and to help you increase your energy while shedding nasty unwanted excess weight. X-Slim contains specific premium ingredients that are known for increasing your metabolism, specifically triggering stubborn hard to burn belly fat and improving your overall health. X-Slim’s powerful weight loss formula contains:

• Metabolism-stimulating Green Tea Extract

• Polyphenola-rich White Tea Extract to break down stubborn at cells

• Codonopsis pilosula Extract to promote healthy digestion

• Fat-burning Evodia rutaecarpa extract

• The powerful anti-inflammatory herb, White Willow If you are truly tired of struggling to lose weight against incredible odds, and want to lose it in all the right places without walking around feeling drained, depleted and deprived, it’s time to harness the powerful ingredients in X-Slim and rev up your metabolism while burning unsightly fat. Say good-bye to deprivation and start feeling good when you look into the mirror and see a slimmer, healthier you.



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